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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide Empty Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide

Post by NoahtheBoah36 on Sun May 21, 2017 8:43 am


This guide was created, in full, by NoahtheBoah36, headcop and superadmin. Please cite him as the author for all sections of this guide.

OTA Overview
The OTA, or Overwatch: Transhuman Arm, is a group of elite "super soldiers" created by the Combine. These soldiers were created using a hybrid of the UU's synth technology, as well as human lives, in addition to pre-existing military equipment and tactics, for the most part, from across Earth. However, while they may employ old military tactics and the like, they are far from resembling any kind of human army. They are cybernetic in many ways, being heavily augmented to ensure their ability to fight effectively. Furthermore, they have been brainwashed to the point of absolute loyalty to the Union, at the expense of nearly all free thought. They may as well be robots, as they also feel no pain. However, they are only synths, and so they do bleed, and can be killed, but they're extremely tough to actually take down.

Ranking Structure
The OTA have no real ranking structure in the traditional sense withing their ranks. All units are considered identical in the eyes of Dispatch, with a couple of minor exceptions. They are all considered to have the rank equivalent of an MPF i1, but they only take orders from UU tagged units (meaning OfC+), both in the field and over the radio. In lieu of an OfC to command them, their EOC or Dispatch may take command. The EOC is the Elite Overwatch Commander, and is an Elite OTA which has been granted permission to possess minimal free thought in order to command the other OTA on the ground.

Within the remaining OTA forces, there are three distinct types of OTA, OWS, SPC, and EOW. OWS units are regular OTA, entrusted with standard-issue equipment. All OTA will remain at this rank until they have earned extensive OOC trust by the staff team, as the other ranks are specialized in their ability to gain access to equipment. SPC is a regular unit that has not been entrusted with the title of "elite" yet for IC purposes, but has obtained the OOC trust to rise through the OTA ranks. In the event that special gear (sniper rifles, LMGs, RPGs, etc.) are needed, SPC+ are the only units it may be given to. EOW, finally, is an Elite unit. They have proven themselves OOCly to earn the right to use specialized gear, as well as ICly through success on missions. These units, therefore, have earned a similar degree of free thought to that of an EOC/OfC, and as such may take command of an OTA team if need be. However, their free thought is on a remote toggle by Dispatch, and will only be activated when needed.

Radio Codes
The OTA are required to know all of the radio codes located on the MPF guide. If you have not read it, you should do so now.

The OTA, being super soldiers, have access to the best equipment in the world, as they constitute a heavy investment in terms of resources, from their augmentation to the time spent on brainwashing.  Therefore, OTA units possess a Type IV bullet resistant torso armor piece and helmet, with Type IIIA on their arms and legs. This makes their head and torso virtually impervious to even armor-piercing rounds, except without significant effort. Their arms, however, are left vulnerable to most rifle rounds, but are still very well protected, all things considered. Also, please note that even OTA armor has its breaking point, and if shot at enough, will start to fail more and more. Consider this: most kevlar is resistant for only one shot, with a 50% chance of stoppinng the round (according to an FBI recruiter that interviewed me before I went to college). Considering this, even OTA armor should collapse, given enough firepower. Fire an entire SMG mag, for example, and the OTA should be left rather defenseless.

As far as their weaponry goes, the OTA will be equipped with several special, high-end pieces of military equipment. For crowd-control and CQC, they have the USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun, firing 12-gauge buckshot rounds, with a 20 shell magazine capacity. For stealthier situations, they have access to the MP7 Tactical, the same model as used by Civil Protection, equipped with a silencer and red dot sight. Then, for the standard assault situation, they have access to the F2000 assault rifle, with a 30 round magazine, built-in ACOG sight, and a fire rate that beats the shit out of anything else, firing 5.56 NATO rounds.

General Regulations

Interactions with Citizens
The OTA are super soldiers, brainwashed into extreme loyalty to the Union, and possessing virtually no free thought. As such, they are not interested in small talk. They probably aren't even capable of it. As such, they should, if ever in contact with a citizen, be completely objective-oriented. If in a passive situation, you tell them to move along immediately, giving them one warning before immediate amputation. If in a lockdown where the OTA has been deployed, if you see a citizen in the streets, you amputate them immediately without warning (do try and RP it though). Considering this is literally a part of what it means to be an OTA, this regulation will be enforced OOCly.

Interactions with MPF
The MPF are below you, as an OTA. You're the military, they're the police. If a unit is interfering with your operations and they're not at least an EpU, you just amputate them straight away after one warning to move or leave the area. If they're an EpU, you give them three warnings. OfC+ should be obeyed, as they are a command unit (albeit field command), and can give you orders. For DvL+, you should serve as their escort when in a passive situation. Again, since this is part of being an OTA unit, this regulation will be enforced OOCly.

Interactions with the City Administrator
In addition to High Command, another passive duty of the OTA is to protect the City Administrator, and as such you are to do so without question. The difference is that he cannot order you, except for passive things like following him or restraining some person. However, if he tells you to amputate somebody, ignore him; he has no real power and is only a figurehead. Refer to Command or Dispatch for order confirmation before obeying something like that coming from the City Administrator. Again, this regulation will be enforced OOCly.

The OTA may not patrol the city, period. If you are bored, switch to another character or find somebody to guard on your OTA inside the Nexus. If you are caught leaving the Nexus without permission, you will be PK'd and have your whitelist removed, period. This regulation, obviously, will be enforced OOCly.

Admin Section
New OTA units should be given 10,000 tokens as an equipment budget. If they abuse this and buy tons of scripts unnecessarily and give them out OOCly or ICly, then de-whitelist them, PK them, and ban them as appropriate. Direct them to their OTA quartermaster to purchase their gear. In the event of a need for units with advanced hardware beyond the standard-issue gear available to them, allow the appropriate OTA units to go to the armory, then spawn the weapons for them as appropriate to the situation.

Admins, refer to this set of models for the OTA, give the OTA the W flag, which gives them access to PAC3, and tell them to bodyhack these models as appropriate to their role in the OTA. If they don't know how to bodyhack, please teach them. If you don't know how to bodyhack, ask me.

Normie Units: models/city8_overwatch.mdl
Specialist Normies: models/city8_ow_elite.mdl
Elites and EOC: models/city8_overwatch_elite.mdl
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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide Empty Re: Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide

Post by NoahtheBoah36 on Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:34 pm


+ Added an Admin Section
+ Revised Ranking Structure
+ Updated Equipment Section

We have NEW MODELS for the OTA faction (see the admin section), and will also be following suit with the MPF and switching to M9K weapons for standardization of damage values for S2M/S2H/S2K firefight purposes.
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