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This guide was created as a compilation of information from superadmins and headcops Thermal and NoahtheBoah36. For crediting purposes, cite both users if citing the entire guide, or if an individual section, contact us for that information.

Ranking Structure

Planetary Kommandant (PtK)
This unknown individual is the unit in charge of all MPF forces across all of the planet. People do not even know their identity, except for the City Kommandant's and a few Sectorial Commanders. Other than this, not much is known about them and their duties, but it is assumed that they manage all military operations as well.

City Kommandant (CtK)
If the map we play on is just one portion of City 17, with a local Nexus hub, then that is a Sector. The entirety of City 17, as well as other cities, has a Citadel to manage it, and inside of it, a City Kommandant, who gives general direction towards the Sectorials.

Sectorial Commander (SeC)
This is the commander of the local garrison of the Nexus on our server. This character manages the Divisionals and, when necessary, can interfere in MPF operations as needed. However, they do not act very often, as they usually try to operate from behind a desk rather than on the ground.

Commander (CmD)
This is the second in command to the Sectorial Commander. They serve as the voice of the Sectorial, when they are not around. They are also first in line to succeed the Sectorial if they are promoted or killed.

Divisional (DvL)
These units are the heads of various Divisions. They are also the first rank of High Command. They may requisition an OSIPR (Pulse Rifle) if they ever need one, but like most units carry only a pistol with them where they go, since they are primarily desk jockeys, and are augmented to the point where they could survive even a Union's SMG.

Officer (OfC)
These units are the Field Commanders. They are the eyes and ears of the Divisionals, and report directly to them. These guys can also, when a Divisional is not present, assist in the administrative day-to-day affairs of their division. They can also issue Sterilized Credits to MPF units as they see fit.

Elite Protection Unit (EpU)
Elites, as these units are called, are held up as shining examples of what a unit should aspire to be. Think of a sergeant in the military. While not technically an officer, you respect their word, maybe even more than you would an Officer, as they are still a ground unit, not involved in Command Politics. They do, however, have the ability to actually command and boss around other units with the same authority of an Officer, supposing an Officer is not present. They cannot, however, manage their division's affairs nor award SC. This rank may be a trial period for becoming an Officer, or it may be an end to one's career, depending on how your actions pan out. However, at this rank, regardless of one's Division, the unit will gain access to the MP7 SMG.

Civil Intention One (i1)
This is the last rank that can be achieved by spending Sterilized Credits. If you have reached this rank, congratulations! You're now the baddest of the bad! Well, at least as far as regular units go. If you're lucky, you might be promoted to Officer or EpU, but to do so you'll probably have to play politics with your divisional. Alternatively, you can choose to rake in Sterilized Credits and just live your life as a highly respected, highly trusted member of the MPF.

Civil Intention Two (i2)
You're nearly there now, and have earned yourself a lot of respect from your peers as a capable unit. Do try and make the most of the opportunities you've been given so far and make the final push to i1!

Civil Intention Three (i3)
You did it! You've made it to i3! You can now, if you have specialized into Sword or Shield, select either of their respective branching divisions for your final slot. You can now start to really specialize your skill set, or if not, just grab a fancy SMG from the armory and go wreak havoc upon the rebels.

Civil Intention Four (i4)
By now, people are actually taking notice of you. You've proven yourself to be a dependable unit, having made it roughly halfway up the ground unit ladder. People are probably going to take your questions and advice a bit more seriously, what with the experience you've gathered.

Civil Intention Five (i5)
You are now ready to leave Nova Division and join either Sword or Shield. Which will you choose; combat or support? While you will still be able to perform regular CP duties, this will determine the path your career will take, so choose wisely, as it's a long and arduous process to switch divisions after this point. You can also actually request a formal training session on how to use your USP. This will serve you well, as the unit that instructs you will (hopefully) ensure that your skills are at the minimum standard for an MPF unit to be part of the force.

Civil Intention Six (i6)
You are no longer just a pawn in the game, and may actually be given some autonomy in terms of how you act. Now that you're not just an i7, try to make use of the opportunity and show a little initiative in forming a PT.

Civil Intention Seven (i7)
You have literally just passed basic training as a Recruit, which means you probably just got your whitelist. Follow orders, keep your head down, do your job right, speak only when spoken to, and do not form PT's with other i7's. Let others guide you and train you. Besides, you're a brand new cop, you're probably not even trusted to hold the gun in your holster yet.

Recruit (RCT)
You just got your whitelist. Wait for somebody to train you on the basics and sort out your equipment, either OOC or IC. After that, you'll be promoted to i7 and allowed to begin your journey. Don't leave the Nexus during this time period, however, while you wait for training. Preferably don't even leave the room you spawn in.

MPF Divisions

Within the MPF, there are several divisions. These divisions form a sort of "focus tree" through which your character can progress. This guide will explain the expectations and requirements placed upon each of these divisions.

The Nova Division is the most basic division a unit can be in. This is the division all units enter into as soon as they become a recruit (RCT). The division has no specific purpose, except to identify its member units as rookies within the force. The members of this division are encouraged to, when not tasked to other duties, observe more specialized units in their operations, in order to gain a sense of what they want to do as they continue their MPF career. To proceed to the next set of divisions a unit must be at the rank of i5 or 05, as respective to the current ranking system syntax.

The Sword Division is one of the two tier 1 specializations. This specialization route focuses on a unit's capabilities as a unit, nothing more. This includes patrolling, profiling, and combat techniques. A unit that has chosen this path has dedicated themselves to become a part of the backbone of the MPF. Units in this division are encouraged to attend Judge interrogations in order to get a sense as to whether they want to enter that path, or go on into Union instead, provided they make it to i3.

The units of the Shield Division have chosen to specialize themselves into one of the more supporting roles within the MPF. This includes both medicine and engineering. Shield units therefore learn the basics of both these fields, to the extent that they can understand medical machinery, how it works, and can serve as assistants to both. During this period of "apprenticeship," the units will decide which skill set they lean towards more. Once they progress to Helix or Grid, they will receive a partial memory replacement in order to remove skills that are unnecessary to their new task, and partially to control these units from becoming too intelligent to be a threat to their employers. However, they don't have even the option to make a decision as to which specialization to enter into until at least the rank of i3.

Judge Division is the equivalent of detectives in the real-world police force. They handle investigations, interrogations, and evidence processing as needed. Often times, units in this division receive larger numbers of memory replacements, due to the high-stress conditions they undergo, not to mention the sheer brutality they are required to inflict on a regular basis. These units would have access to various tools, including camera feeds and more, that would normally be more heavily restricted, in order to conduct their regular duties.

Union Division, while on most servers is the most basic division, here is actually a more elite division. Rather than them being "default," we see them as elite, taking the namesake of the government. For this reason, they are the best of the combat units, and are the only units entrusted with an SMG while performing normal duties, in addition to their other equipment. They are trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, crowd control, and the usage of riot gear and shields. For this reason, they are renowned and heavily respected by other units for their combat prowess.

Grid is the division that handles all things engineering. From repairing scanners and cameras to the deployment of turrets and piloting of APC's and helicopters, these guys do it all. They are also in charge of quartermaster duties. As such, while they are not allowed to use it, they are the units that would have the most access to SMG's, as they oversee their repair and production. They can also be entrusted with the manufacture of weapon modifications and specialized augmentations as requested by command units.

Helix is the corps of doctors, surgeons, medics, and more within the MPF. As individual skill in medicine varies among units, regardless of rank, these titles would vary, but they are still all somewhat knowledgeable in medicine. These units handle the implantation of augments, as well as other surgeries and emergency medical procedures for member units of the MPF. They are often given high levels of respect since they are, more often than not, the only thing that ends up standing between a unit and death.

Radio Codes
Before I begin this section, I will say the following: ALL MPF units are required to know all of these commands by heart. I'm keeping them as simple as possible and as standard as I can in order to ensure that this is more than possible. If you don't know these commands like a second language, there will be a real problem.

10-0: Caution
10-1: Not Understood, Please Elaborate
10-2: Negative
10-4: Acknowledged/Affirmative
10-6: Unit Busy
10-7: Off-Duty
10-8: On-Duty
10-9: Repeat (Last Transmission)
10-19: Return(ing) to Nexus
10-20: Location
10-22: Disregard Last Transmission
10-23: Standing By
10-31: In Pursuit
10-50: Patrol
10-51: En Route
10-78: Backup
10-91d: Citizen
10-99: Officer Down/In Danger
10-103M/P: Mentally/Physically Imperfect Individual

647a: Citizen with Negative LP
647b: Citizen committing a Level One Violation
647c: Citizen committing a Level Two Violation
647d: Citizen committing a Level Three Violation
647e: Anti-citizen/non-citizen

Code 1: At your Discretion/Non-Emergency
Code 2: Urgent
Code 3: Emergency
Code 4: Situation under control, no further backup required.
Code 100: All is normal, nothing to report.

Code Green: Socio-Stability is Normal
Code Yellow: One or more violators on scene, crime in progress in local area.
Code Red: One or more armed violators on scene, one or more officers in danger/injured/down
Code Black: Initiate amputation of civilian population en-masse, deploy OTA forces to assist.

Ripcord: Leave the area/Retreat
Clamp: Guard the entrances/exits to an area/hardpoint
Cleaned: Area is clear/citizen has no contraband
Pacify: Knock out an individual, typically for movement
Exogen: Antlion
Necrotic: Zombie
Parasitic: Headcrab
Biotic: Vortigaunt
Viscerator: Manhack
Airwatch: Scanner/Hunter Chopper


Level One Violations (1 VP, Re-Education, fine of 10 tokens):
+ Running/Jumping/Movement Violations
+ Profanity/Shouting/Audio Violations
+ Petty Theft
+ Breaking and Entering
+ Workshift Inefficiency
+ False Crime Report
+ General Uncivil Activity

Level Two Violations (3 VP, Re-Education, fine of 100 tokens):
+ Vandalism or Theft of Civilian Property
+ Assault on a Civilian
+ Trespassing in CWU or Loyalist Property
+ Resisting Arrest Passively (Running)
+ Possession of C3 Contraband
+ Disobeying MPF Orders
+ Refusing to Apply (gave in eventually)

Level Three Violations (5 VP, Heavy Re-Education, fine of 500 tokens):
+ Vandalism or Theft of CWU or Loyalist Property
+ Assault on a CWU Official or Loyalist
+ Possession of C2 Contraband
+ Murder of a Citizen

Anti-Citizen Violations (10 VP, Heavy Re-Education followed by Immediate Amputation, units may take all your tokens as a reward):
+ Murder of a CWU Official or Loyalist
+ Assault on a CP
+ Possession of C1 Contraband
+ Assault on the City Administrator, CWU Director, or Red Tier Loyalist
+ Inaction
+ Failure to Apply
+ Non-citizen
+ UPA (Victims of Forced UPA are exempt.)
+ Trespassing on MPF Property

Loyalism and Contraband
Loyalists, people who reject the idea of rebelling from the Universal-Union occupation force on the planet and remain loyal to the Metro-Police Units in an effort to forward their own agenda, gain privileges, or simply live a comfortable life.
Loyalist Points determine a citizen's level of loyalty, given by units and (rarely) CWU employees for working, giving information, or turning in contraband. Contraband is defined by three distinct tiers and each have their own heavy prices of being caught with them.

C1: Highly-Volatile Contraband
-False Identification
-Stolen MPF Uniforms
-Resistance Uniforms (Lambda)
-Other forms of Body Armor
-Anti Union Propaganda
-Rebellious Conspiracy

C2: Mid-Threatening Contraband
-Medical Supplies
-Unauthorized Electronic Devices
-Radio Communication Devices
-Other Unauthorized Clothing
-Unauthorized Tools

C3: Low-Range Contraband
-Non Union Distributed Food/Drinks
-Non Union Distributed Books
-Non Union Distributed Documentation (Notes & Clipboards)

Turning in each tier of contraband to the MPF will warrant an interrogation most of the time, the amount of loyalist points awarded is up to the unit, but generally: C1 five loyalist points, C2 three loyalist points, C3 one loyalist point. This is also up to the unit, should the unit double, or even triple the reward, report it immediately to other units. You may also be rewarded for this act of loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, Loyalism is very complex and difficult to understand from a Citizen's point of view. Your object is to serve the Universal Union, proving your worth to the local MPF and Command, you may one day reach the high ranks of Loyalty, earning several luxuries to the point of easy living.

Red Tier- Priority Value Loyalist
-The Universal Union's assigned color to this city. Symbolizing ambition, ability to be trusted, value, cooperative, amongst the endless list of positive adjectives. To reach this tier of loyalty, is something to simply be in awe of, gaining the positive opinion of the MPF Command and CWU structure.
-At this level of loyalty, you must commit an Anti-Civil charge, and have undoubtedly-confirming evidence that you committed the act. Otherwise, most charges are waved off as false or pointless due to your level of influence. You can talk to Command Units when they're around and High Command Units upon asking for a meeting, which they'll certainly clear up their schedule for you. All of your restrictions are cut excluding that of violence or murder, you can buy anything you would like. You are now allowed an MPF-Issued USP-Match pistol for protection of yourself and others.
-Red tier loyalty cannot be earned with loyalty points. Instead, you must be hand-picked by a DvL or higher.

Gold Tier- High Value Loyalist Rank 2
-Gold is remembered by the incredible value it carries in the natural mind of the Human. It is good to have, but only causes more problems. Only by supporting the Universal Union can you achieve true pleasure.
-You are unlikely to be charged with a level two violation, though it is possible. Your restrictions are heavily cut back, often able to enter the Nexus unblindfolded and converse with units casually without fear of being arrested or searched.
-To achieve Gold Tier status, you must have 360 loyalty points.

White Tier- High Value Loyalist Rank 1
-White tier is special, like the snow that falls. Every piece is different and unique. You are now recognized as a fully fledged loyalist, and your opinions are now considered with weight.
-Your armband contrasts every article of clothing you wear, making you stand out even more. You become trusted enough to not recieve re-educations, or at least they're very rare. You also have become nearly immune from very basic charges and are given verbal warnings on a good day.
-To achieve White Tier status, you must have 300 loyalty points.

Black Tier- Valued Loyalist Rank 2
-Black tier is easily remembered by the value like oil pre-occupation. The first stepping stone into truely proving yourself to be loyal.
-People watch you ascend the ranks in loyalty, amazed by your progress, which fills them with determination. You are even more likely to be let off for minor infractions, and can decorate your housing with Non-UU Branded furniture.
-To achieve Black Tier status, you must have 250 loyalty points.

Green Tier- Valued Loyalist Rank 1
-Green tier is easily remembered by the green biogel used by the medical teams in the CWU. You are now able to apply as a Medical Trainee position in the CWU Medical Branch. This is truely the path to serving the public for the greater good.
-With great respect people acknowledge you, knowing the ability to work for the Medical team fills them with hope. You have a better chance of being let off for very petty crimes or minor infractions, though it isn't promised. You gain access to Non-UU Branded food and beverages.
-To achieve Green Tier status, you must have 150 loyalty points.

Purple Tier- Tier Three Loyalty
-This tier is rather special to many people. UPA laws prevent Citizens from having intercourse, much to the dismay of Citizens. This level's color, purple, symbolizes the love you are now able to have legally. Citizens that are both Purple tier or above may allowed, without permission, to have private sexual relations at will.
-You are recognized on the street for your purple band, known to be a collaborator, some scoff and some respect you. You have no additional rights, but your housing preferences are taken into account, you can now purchase alcohol, and you can purchase UU Branded furniture.
-To achieve Purple Tier status, you must have 100 loyalty points.

Yellow Tier- Tier Two Loyalty
-This loyalist tier is easily remembered by the CWU main color being yellow. This rank allows you to apply for Trainee positions at the CWU and begin your training to serve the public.
-Though gaining more recognition, you have no extra rights or luxuries than normal citizens.
-To achieve Yellow Tier status, you must have 50 loyalty points.

Blue Tier- Tier One Loyalty
-This rank is easily remembered by the ability to apply for the Metro Police Force, blue. Like the police before the occupation, their job is to protect and serve if you so wish to deviate immediately from the loyalist path.
-Though barely recognized for your loyalty, you are still heavily restricted and hold the same rights as normal citizens.
-To achieve Blue Tier status, you must have 25 loyalty points.

Term Explanations

Movement Violations
A Movement Violation is a violation pertaining to one's physical actions and movement about the city. Certain means of physically moving oneself have been deemed uncivil by the Universal Union, and as such citizens caught doing them, except in emergency situations to save themselves from danger, will face punishment. These violations would include running and jumping, in addition to climbing or scaling objects unnecessarily. In addition, all forms of exercise are also included in this category of violation.

Audio Violations
Audio Violations pertain to crimes concerning one's speech or noise created. This would therefore include yelling (usage of the /y command), using profanity, speaking in non-approved languages (only English is approved), and the like. This violation category would also include the usage of noisemakers or musical instruments to make music in a non-approved setting. Some approved settings would be in designated leisure locations (think of the Grizzly Grotto or similar places) and during UU-approved ceremonies or festivals. Individual members of the MPF can also give orders, and therefore, grant permission to perform music, which would exempt an individual from this rule as well.

Petty Theft
Petty Theft differs from regular theft mainly in value. Petty theft would be taking something of low value from somebody. Also, this cannot include muggings. Think stealing a book or a lamp from somebody's apartment or shoplifting a can of water from a store. In general, if an item is deemed by the acting officer to have a value equal to or more than 100 tokens or a ration package, it is considered to be regular theft, not petty.

Breaking and Entering/Trespassing
This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are breaking into another citizen's apartment, or otherwise trespassing on the property of one of your fellow citizens, you can be charged with this crime. Do note that breaking into MPF or CWU property carries steeper consequences.

Workshift Inefficiency
This crime concerns anything to do with workshifts. If we happen to have, for example, a ration manufacturing plugin installed, and you are producing rations without doing any RP, you may be charged with this crime (your actions will be interpreted ICly as being rushed and sloppy, with constant minor mistakes or errors). However, even roleplayed actions can be found to be in this category. If your character RPs doing something stupid like dropping a crate full of nails, or something of the like, you may be charged with this crime as appropriate.

General Uncivil Activity
This crime includes just about everything under the sun that isn't written here but is probably a crime. Think harassing people or units, and the ability of a unit to administer a re-education for just about anything. Don't piss off a unit and you won't get charged with this crime, which has no formal definition (in other words, you can be charged with it for doing nothing. You live in a police state, after all.)

Vandalism or Theft
If you are going around stealing people's rations or ransacking apartments, expect to be charged with this crime. Just don't do it, and you won't get caught. See the entry above for Petty Theft to see what can be considered the threshold for something to be considered regular theft. However, vandalism of any kind, even of items that would normally be too insignificant for a regular theft charge, is considered to be under this crime. The reasoning for this is that by destroying something, you cost society more than if you just take it, and so it carries a more hefty punishment.

Whether on a citizen or police officer, assault is when one attacks another person physically. Theoretically, this can also be made to include battery, if the situation is appropriate. Punishments vary greatly depending upon whom you are attacking, but you should generally try to avoid doing this crime.

Resisting Arrest
This crime can take two forms: active and passive resistance. Passive is running from the police or something of the sort. However, active resistance is fighting back, and physically resisting the actual process of arrest. Passive, since it doesn't involve attacking cops, carries a lighter sentence, whereas actively resisting, requiring some degree of an assault on a unit, can carry a death sentence, so be careful, and strongly consider just letting the police arrest you, unless of course you think you're going to die anyway.

Possession of Contraband
This is by far one of the sketchier crimes, as it can be hard to tell whether somebody is truly holding contraband, or whether they're just transporting it to bring to the police. Therefore, this is up to the police themselves to determine which it is. However, the penalties for possession of contraband can vary greatly depending on the kind of contraband it is, but it will always be confiscated.

Disobeying Orders
This rule applies to persons that refuse to follow the commands given to them by an MPF officer. If you're told to do something and don't do it, it can be a big deal crime, as the MPF are required to maintain both order and discipline among the citizenry, and you're defying that very clearly by disobeying orders. Naturally, it's up to the discretion of the unit whether or not they want to charge you all the way or just let it slide, since you might just not go to the wall straight away.

Refusing to Apply
If you are told to apply by a police officer, this means to state your name and CID number to them. This can be done easily by typing in /apply to your chat. You can also type out your own message, if you wish, using the information found in the F1 screen. Anyway, this crime is for when people don't do so. If you refuse at first but give in, this is just a crime. However, if you ultimately refuse after an arbitrary three requests to identify, the officer can deem you a non-citizen. This will enable them to amputate you immediately.

If you don't know what murder is, you must be living under a rock. However, in case it's just a vocabulary error, I will explain. Murder is the taking of another human life, generally speaking with some degree of intent or planning involved. If it's a citizen, this will carry a lighter sentence than, say, a loyalist or a police officer. However, this is still a major crime, and can easily lead to a death sentence, as it is one of the most heinous crimes out there.

Have you ever heard the Dispatch announcement that, among other things, talks about how "inaction is conspiracy"? Well, if you have, that's what this crime refers to. Inaction is refusing to report a crime. For example, witnessing a muder and not reporting it, spotting a piece of contraband, encountering a member of the resistance or a gang, etc. Report all crimes and you won't be charged with inaction. If you don't do so, then you will be charged, and Inaction carries a death sentence. This is also one of the few crimes where you might be made an example of with a public execution, as the MPF and the UU would prefer that everybody be a snitch (it saves them money on cameras).

UPA stands for Unlawful Procreative Activity. While the suppression field does render reproductive organs ineffective while it is active, Procreative Activity, or any sort of sexual contact, is still illegal except under certain conditions. For example, certain tiers of loyalist are given exemptions, as well as presumably higher ranking members of the government. However, as a regular citizen, you are still bound by UPA laws. If you are caught performing an act of UPA, prepare to die in a possibly brutal and painful way. Do note that victims of rape (also known as "Forced" UPA) are given exemption from this law in roughly 90% of cases.


1: Apparel
As a representative of the Universal Union, you are expected to look presentable at all times. This includes keeping your uniform clean, and maintaining the anonymity threshold mandated by our benefactors. This includes the removal of any non-standard markings upon your uniform. Units may choose to personalize their undergarments freely, but all outerwear must be in strict accordance with these standards.

Your uniform has several critical components to it, besides the regulation clothing items. This includes:

  • Steel-Toed Combat Boots
  • Civil Protection standard-issue Plasteel Gasmask
  • Standard Issue Type II Body Armor Vest
  • Steel Civil Protection "hood" with Biosignal Uplink
  • Standard Civil Protection Utility Belt
  • OPTIONAL Tactical Backpack

The main thing here that needs to be explained is the Biosignal Uplink. A Biosignal is a transmission system in which Dispatch, as well as High Command, can track the location of an individual unit, and receive a notification if the unit is killed. This report is known as a Biosignal Loss, or BSL. The Biosignal does not report physical injuries or incapacitation -- only the stopping of the human heart or destruction of the Biosignal Uplink will cause it to fire a signal which will alert all units in the area to report to the location to secure the deceased unit.

2: Weaponry
Being the first line of defense for the Universal Union, the MPF is given a set of weaponry suitable to the trust the UU places upon them, as well as is necessary for the completion of their duties. As such, all MPF units will receive a USP-Match, Stunbaton, and Combat Knife as standard-issue equipment. The knife, however, is for utility purposes, and should not be used in combat except when a unit is desperate and has been disarmed of all other weapons. The primary reason for this is that the weapon is both a lethal melee weapon (making it inferior to the stunbaton), but can also easily be disarmed, and so it is an ineffective weapon when compared with the rest of a unit's toolkit.

The stunbaton and USP are, therefore, the primary weapons of all MPF units. The stunbaton serves as a non-lethal melee weapon, effective for incapacitating beligerent, unarmed citizens, as well as administering re-educations and punishments to those who happen to misbehave. The stunbaton features a power level roughly equivalent to that of a tazer, and has a simple on/off switch. The USP, however, is their firearm. This is provided to units for purposes of self-defense, and as such should only be utilized when needed to defend a unit's life. Examples would be fending off an armed anti-citizen, whether they have a melee or their own firearm, eliminating zombies, headcrabs, etc. However, units may also shoot suspects who are resisting arrest extensively. Units should, when doing so, attempt to fire at the legs of the target, in order to prevent them from performing further evasions. They are also permitted to perform amputations with the weapon, outside of public view.

Union units will also be able to access the MP7 SMG, riot shields, and more. This access also extends to all units ranked EpU or higher. Also, please note that in emergency situations, the MP7 may be distributed down to units ranked i3 and above for judgement waivers, and i5 and above for autonomous judgement. It is also during these lockdowns that Union will be able to access explosive grenades. At other times, any unit i3+, regardless of division, may request from their superiors some form of tactical grenade. However, all of these are handled by superiors rather than the regular Quartermaster, and as such are restricted. Units with grenades may utilize them at their discretion, but are reminded that overusage of grenades may result in privileges being revoked.

Bear in mind, however, that as of 5/31/2017, units have the HK45C as their sidearm. It uses the same type of ammo, but packs more of a punch, at the expense of a smaller clip size. As for UNION and EpU+ units, the MP7 has been replaced with the MP7 Tactical, a variant that contains a red dot sight and a silencer, in order to provide units with a more effective weapon.

3: Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous equipment of MPF units includes zipties, a flashlight, a backpack,  and specialized, division-specific tools as needed to perform their duties. In addition to these, there is one critical piece of equipment; the datapad. This device is very similar to the smartphones that were released in the early 21st century, combined with some Combine technology to make it run better and more resilient to damage. This datapad has the ability to access the Combine Databanks, provided that it can connect to a nearby Biosignal to piggyback onto the servers (this serves as a security measure). The device has one singular purpose: acting as the computer through which MPF units can access the Combine servers and update/review citizen data. This device can be used to assign both loyalty and verdict points to individuals, as well as make generic notes on their record concerning things like suspicions or revealed information.

Sterilized Credits (SC)
The Sterilized Credit system is used by the Command section of Metro-Police Force to reward units based on skill, loyalty, and excellence in line of service. Sterilized Credits are extremely valuable and should be since they are only utilized within the Force for various rewards ranging from luxury to utility.

Sterilized Credits are issued by Command units only, and are given, not requested. Credits are given with reason, and requesting a credit increase decreases your likelihood of recieving future rewards.

Command units are responsible for approving or rejecting the request for any luxuries or rewards listed. If these actions are done without Command permission or authorization, depending on severity, it is grounds for permanent termination from the Sterilized Credits system entirely.
Command units do not participate in the Sterilized Credit system themselves, instead they refer to High Command for permission to simply obtain these things.

Non-Mechanical Reproduction Simulation (NMRS), is a one-time interaction between one other person and yourself, regardless of employment in the MPF or Citizenship status. If you so desire to attempt to use your Sterilized Credits with a Command unit, it is up to them to decide to accept your offer. Other units must first consent to the attempted NMRS, and they must also pay the same amount of Credits to do the deed with you. Citizens however, must be of Purple Loyalist tier to participate with them, and they must also consent. Command must still approve of this one-time act.

Intimate, Platonic, and Sexual relationships are things that can be purchased through the Credit System as well. Intimate relationships are relationships for those who want something a bit between Platonic and Sexual.
-Intimate relationships are limited contact relationships that allow romance and sexuality, while restricting this time extensively.
-Sexual relationships are self explanatory, these relationships allow units to have intercourse whenever off-duty despite their feelings towards each other. This route is more expensive, but may pay off depending on your perspective.
-Platonic relationships is the pure opposite of Sexual. Made for those who may still partake in Christian Virginity practices or those who are interested in romance only, this relationship is not allowed to have sexual relations at all. All parties participating in these relationships need to be consentual.

The list shows all of the rewards a unit can recieve with the Sterilized Credit system.


1 Sterilized Credit = 50 Tokens
100 Tokens = 1 Sterilized Credit

This is to show that the system is refundable, but you'll be losing fifty-percent of what the Credit is actually worth to prevent complication.


RCT to i7: Not Possible, get trained IC or OOC.

i7 to i6: 50 Sterilized Credits

i6 to i5: 100 Sterilized Credits

i5 to i4: 200 Sterilized Credits

i4 to i3: 200 Sterilized Credits

i3 to i2: 250 Sterilized Credits

i2 to i1: 300 Sterilized Credits

For all further promotions, you must be offered the position IC.


10 Sterilized Credits: Mechanical Reproduction Simulation

25 Sterilized Credits: One-on-one dining privileges with a single unit/citizen

100 Sterilized Credits: Non-Mechanical Reproduction Simulation

100 Sterilized Credits: Platonic Relationship

300 Sterilized Credits: Sexual Relationship

350 Sterilized Credits: Intimate Relationship

750 Sterilized Credits: Marriage between two units. Prequisite: Intimate Relationship


150 Sterilized Credits: Sensitive BSL that broadcasts an alert via Dispatch to all units in the area.


500 Sterilized Credits: Digestive Replacement
Replaces your internal digestive system to become much more efficient and effectively allow the host to go a month or two without consuming food or drink.

500 Sterilized Credits: Augment Efficiency Modulator
The Augment Efficiency Modulator assists many augments in keeping power, regulating efficiency, and making sure they are running perfectly. It is extra insurance for those who want piece-of-mind and is recommended to have as a starting augment.

1,500 Sterilized Credits: Internal Biosignal
The Internal Biosignal removes the need to worry about damage to the BSL hood, though that will also function alongside your uniform. The Internal Biosignal is ultra-sensitive to foreign bodies, alcohol, drugs, pathogens, or general unhealthy statuses. The augment will analyze the chemical processes ongoing within the brain and determine whether or not the intake is purposeful, or forced. The augment will then send an alert to Dispatch for assistance or to leave the situation as is. The augment is highly reliable and has an almost perfect percentage of success. The only way for it to fail is if it were damaged such as impaling.

2,000 Sterilized Credits: Nerve Therapy
Hosts undergoing Nerve Therapy are made to be resistant to pain, replaced by another emotion like pleasure or discomfort upon request. Dampening or entire removal is possible, and totally left up to the discretion of the host.

2,500 Sterilized Credits: Limb Replacement
Accidents happen out in the field of duty. Your weakest link in your body are your limbs. Without your arms you can not defend yourself or attack. Without your legs you can not run away or pursue suspects. This augment allows and entire steel artificial limb, perfectly fitting where your old leg or arm would be, with no nerves or bones in it, thus being a husk, but functioning perfectly as a fully working replacement.

2,500 Sterilized Credits: Selective Bone Casting
Selective Bone Casting are for those who want to take one step further to de-humanization. This augment is a surgery and therapy that coats the bones in thin steel-like material. It is so insignificant to blood flow and muscle change, though it will swell muscles slightly to look more fit. The result is an internal structure that is very, very difficult to break without tons of weight.

2,500 Sterilized Credits: Muscle Enhancement Therapy
The therapy undergone enhances muscle density and ability alongside the steroids within your rations. Though this has a much healthier effect and effectly removes the need for exercise entirely. The force you can generate is top-human tier, much stronger than any weight-lifting champion, but not impossible to attain. You'll be more than a match to any citizen daring to defy you.

3,000 Sterilized Credits: Reflex Therapy
Hosts that undergo Reflex Therapy soon have reflexes like the feline of pre-war times. Their reflexes have increased ten-fold and are able to detect and react much faster than previously humanly possible. The augment has a downside, however. It has a battery and must remain charged or it will simply deactivate. The battery will last years on end without use, but will deplete completely with an hour of constant usage. To counter this, an augment assisting augment has been created specifically to store power and make these augments even more efficient with power.

5,000 Sterilized Credits: Sub-Dermal Body Armor
Sub-Dermal Body Armor is all biological, nearly bulletproof layer that lies underneath the very bottom layer of the skin. This creates a bubble within yourself that prevents most pathogens from infection and also stopping unwanted bullets from killing you. The Sub-Dermal Body Armor augment has no effect on the host's speed, or host at all. The augment works especially well with Reflex Therapy, Muscle Enhancement Therapy, Selective Bone Casting, and Nerve Therapy augments.

7,500 Sterilized Credits: Internal Biosignal Host Destruction
As a safeguard against death and loss of Universal-Union equipment, this augment will destroy the host body, and anything in a twelve-yard radius around it. The explosives are impossible to trigger without a biosignal loss (BSL). This augment is compatible with the Internal Biosignal augment and is encouraged to be used together in event of such disaster.

10,000 Sterilized Credits: Gender Reformation
Change your gender to be male or female, only the two opposing your current gender. This is heavily frowned upon by citizens, units, and command alike. So social prejudice is promised, along with the hefty price tag.

General Regulations

Citizen Interactions
All MPF units should keep interaction with citizens to a minimum. Give them commands, explain what you want them to do, question them, interrogate them, re-educate them, punish them, kill them, yes. Do all of that. However, under no circumstances should you strike up conversation with them concerning anything that isn't a command towards them. Units caught doing this will face punishment based on the severity of the violation. This regulation will be enforced ICly. As a general rule of thumb, however, just think of how Antifa, the Revolutionary Guard, the Gestapo, KGB Officers, and similar such bodies have acted throughout time, or just go and play the opening sequence of HL2.

Interactions with Units
You should address all other units by their first three digits, never by their rank or Division (see the Command Interactions section for exceptions). If the first three digits of another unit are not unique enough to identify them apart in the crowd of units, use the first four. If this fails, then and only then is it acceptable to use all five digits. The reason for this is to ensure a balance between efficient identification of units, as well as the anonymity of the units involved, not to mention swiftness of communication. This regulation will be enforced OOC or IC, depending on the situation.

Command Interactions
When addressing an EpU+ over the radio, treat them like any other unit, call them out by their first three digits. However, in-person interactions may vary. In public, you will continue to treat them like any other unit, calling them by their first three digits and never saluting. Inside of the Nexus, however, you are to salute superior units and address them by their rank (Elite for EpU, Officer for OfC, Divisional for DvL, Commander for CmD, Sectorial/Sector for SeC), or sir/ma'am. The exception is if there is a citizen present. If so, use your discretion. A red tier loyalist is fine, but if it's a bunch of random citizens in a holding cell, don't give them more information than they need and call your superiors by their digits. This regulation will be enforced ICly.

Radio Protocols
Use radio codes at all times over the radio, period. If the code does not exist, write out your message. If you forget to use the right radio code, it's not too big of a deal, but it's preferred that you do for immersion purposes. This regulation will be enforced IC or OOC as the situation warrants.

When handing out a punishment to a violator (see the violations guide), there are several important things to note. Firstly, the fines in tokens collected from a violator are to be kept as a reward by the arresting unit(s). It's up to you to decide how to split them, as that is an IC matter. As for re-educations, there are no restrictions on how many strikes/how to go about your beatings. Just make sure that it's appropriate to the crime, and feel free to be creative, within the bounds of your character's development and experience. However, all re-educations should be done behind closed doors, or at least out of the public eye. Think back-alley beatings. If you can't relocate them, just knock them out and leave them. As for amputations, try to bring the violators back to the Nexus so they can receive a heavy re-education first, as well as an interrogation as the situation warrants. If you're in a hurry, you can always kill them off quickly, but do try and use discretion unless it's a matter of self-defense. This regulation will be enforced IC or OOC as the situation warrants.

Units are required to be in a PT of at least 2 units whenever they go beyond the Plaza and Nexus. You may patrol with your baton or nothing out. If you are in a moderately dangerous area, however, it is advised that you keep your baton clipped so you can quickly draw your pistol. If you are sweeping an area, preparing to breach, or another situation, you may draw your weapon. However, pistols should be kept in their holsters as much as possible. If you are wondering why, just look up the World War Z clip where the scientist kills himself. One exception to the "keep your guns holstered" rule is for Union. They are allowed to carry their SMG's across their chests while patrolling. These rules listed here, concerning weapons holding, will be enforced IC or OOC, while the rules concerning PT size will be enforced IC only.

Multiple Violations & Amputation Threshold
If you encounter a citizen who has total loyalty and penalty points adding up to -10, they are to have their citizenship revoked. Now being a non-citizen, they are to be amputated immediately. This is to be treated as an Anti-Citizen violation, in that you may collect all of their tokens as a reward for your service. If a person commits multiple violations, such as two Level Two violations, you may take a fine and apply verdict points for each violation they committed. This regulation will be enforced IC or OOC, according to the situation.

Datapad Usage
When you encounter a citizen who has committed a crime, needs to be searched, is getting rations, or otherwise needs to be checked up on, there are a few steps. First off, tell them to apply. If they do not know how, tell them in LOOC to type /apply. Once done, this will automatically F2 you, as well as give you their name and CID. The CID is pretty much irrelevant, but the name is crucial. Next, you can type /viewdata "Put their name in quotes here" to get their datafile. You can then edit it to your heart's content. When a citizen has a datafile that doesn't have their gender or age in it, ask them these questions and enter it into their datafile before letting them go. Please try to avoid writing mingey statements on the datafile. This regulation is one of the few that will be enforced OOCly.

AFK Time
Now, of course, if you need to grab a drink, use the restroom, etc. for maybe 5 or 10 minutes tops, you can go AFK on your unit. Just get back to the Nexus interior and go bye bye. However, staying on your unit overnight while you go to sleep is not acceptable. Especially since it farms tokens. If units are caught doing this from this point forward, they will have 24 hours of tokens (24x720=17,280) removed from their character before then being kicked. If you don't have enough tokens on your character, all tokens will be taken. This regulation will be enforced OOCly.

Administrative Tools & Guidelines
Remember: you may spawn an MP7 only for UNION and EpU+. They can get their own ammo, however, from the Quartermaster NPC. No other weapons are to be spawned for Civil Protection, with the exception of grenades. Grenades can be utilized by any units ranked i3+. All units of this tier may request flash and/or smoke grenades. You should only give them one grenade every 24 hours, and should try to avoid letting units farm this process. During lockdown situations, such as judgement waivers and autonomous judgement, however, the rules are a bit different. In a judgement waiver, UNION and EpU+ may receive explosive grenades. Furthermore, during a JW, all units ranked i3+ may temporarily be given MP7's. Finally, during Autonomous Judgement, all units i5+ may be given MP7's, and all units i3+ may use explosive grenades.

Division Models
Nova: models/dpfilms/metropolice/retrocop.mdl
Sword & Shield: models/dpfilms/metropolice/hdpolice.mdl
Union: models/dpfilms/metropolice/hl2concept.mdl
Judge: models/metropolice/policetrench2.mdl
Helix: models/dpfilms/metropolice/civil_medic.mdl
Grid: models/dpfilms/metropolice/c08cop.mdl

All units within a division use the same model, regardless of rank. Even Divisionals. The SeC and CmD have their models already, so don't worry about them.

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Full Guide to the MPF Empty Re: Full Guide to the MPF

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+Added point requirements to loyalty tiers.
+Updated crimes list.
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+Added new regulations.
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Updated equipment listings.
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Updated with new Equipment.
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Updated radio codes with some codewords. More to be added later.
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