General Rules used by the server

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General Rules used by the server Empty General Rules used by the server

Post by Thermal on Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:36 pm

General Understanding:

1. Be respectful to both admins and other players.

2. Racism and other offensive forms of communication will NOT be tolerated in OOC. If you're going to be offensive, make it IC, or do it through a PM. Everyone is fine with jokes, but when it turns offensive, that's when the line is crossed.

In Server:

1.Do not abuse PET or any other flags given to you (Random spawning etc.)

2. Do not share IC information in OOC chat. Do not use any information gained from OOC when IC.

3. No famous characters. You are allowed to base a character off someone who is famous but a direct copy is never allowed.

4. All fully Roleplayed deaths in a scenario where both sides have the opportunity to actually interact with each other will be ruled as NLR unless told otherwise. (This is so certain people cannot exploit/abuse PKs, because we know someone who will try their hardest).

5. Erotic Roleplay (ERP) on the server is not allowed. Any and all ERP must be done in steam chat. The Fade to Black method may also be used.

6. When creating a new character you will start with no equipment other than basic clothing.

7. PAC must not be abused. This includes the addition of gear, sound files and stupid animations.
Not so skilled at PAC3? Well, do not base the character on the TnB model or whatever you have: treat it as a placebo, be descriptive with the character.

8. Roleplay your character accurately. You are not a machine. You need to eat, wash and socialize to stay sane.

9. If a situation/scenario is not roleplayed properly with all the appropriate authorizations and realistic roleplay, it can and WILL be voided.

10. If an LOOC argument lasts more than five minutes, anyone is free to join without having to consider timescale. Keep your roleplay clean, realistic, and accurate so nobody complains.

11. No area or building can be claimed without administrator approval and supervision.

12. In order for a Permanent Kill (PK) to take place, you must meet the following requirements, and all THREE of them MUST be met,

1: An administrator must be present at the scene of the PK, if you are PK'ing the character of an administrator, another one must be present at the scene.
2: The administrator who is present on the scene must analyze every detail of the PK and how it is done to determine if it legitimate or not.
3: There must be a legitimate reason to PK someone, you cannot PK someone for their equipment.

If any of these requirements are not met, the PK WILL NOT be given. In addition, for the person who is being PK'd, it is up to the administrator giving the PK at the scene as to how long you must wait before appealing. To appeal a PK, you must contact the administrative team AFTER you waited the length told to wait. Once that is done, a meeting involving the player and the administrative team will happen.

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