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Character Transfer Appilication Empty Character Transfer Appilication

Post by Thermal on Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:14 pm

Steam Name:
Steam ID:

Character transfers are exclusively for backstories and character relations. You cannot transfer into a faction, do not ask. You cannot keep any items, do not ask. It's up to you to figure out how your character lost the items or adapt their backstory to fit the requirement. Everyone starts fresh in terms of items, even those who fill out this application. Take your time filling this out, and make sure you include every important detail. All the staff decide on whether a character can be transferred or not.

After filling out, contact - Any administrator.

OOC Section:

Have you been on Hiraeth before? Do you know anyone on Hiraeth?:

What communities was this character on before?:

For what purpose are you transferring this character's story, instead of starting a new one with new experiences and open doors?:

References (People from either the current HR community or a link to a character page on another forum website) If none, skip:

Proof of Existence (Screenshots, Character Sheet, Saved Description, Player reference) This is not required but it definitely helps, if none, skip:

Are there any characters on the server that you wish to retain your backstory; interaction with, if so list- if not, skip:

IC Section:

Full Name:
Distinguishing Features:
Distinguishing Abilities:

Character Backstory (Who are they? How did they get here? Who did they interact with and why? What happened to them between then and now?):

Understand that ANY abuse of power from the results of this form will result in a late-denial and removal of character.

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