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AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application Empty AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application

Post by AurA on Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:24 pm

OOC Section

Steam Name: AurA

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:32048180

Have you been on Hiraeth before? Do you know anyone on Hiraeth?: I have only recently joined Hiraeth. There are currently three people from a different Community that I know. Thermal, DTNLive, and NoahtheBoah36

What communities was this character on before?: I have had this character in particular, on a community called GenerationRoleplay under the Alias Sophia Castle, due to metagame on the identity of the character.

For what purpose are you transferring this character's story, instead of starting a new one with new experiences and open doors?:

I am transferring this character simply because the development I have had on this character is rather extensive and the way that I play this character is different from every other character; most of my characters being rather timid or shy at first. This character is a character I have poured heart and soul into developing as it is a character that I've put a lot of effort and dedication into developing. An example of this is the backstory and the interactions with other characters. This character by far is my most developed character, although only having them for at least a few months, they certainly have an interesting backstory, and a lot of in-depth interactions with both characters that are a part of the other server, and characters that I have created for the purpose of the character's backstory.

References (People from either the current Half-Life 2 Roleplay community or a link to a character page on another forum website) If none, skip: (You need to be registered to the forums to view it, there are screenshots of the character sheet below in proof of existence if you do not want to register.)

Proof of Existence (Screenshots, Character Sheet, Saved Description, Player reference) This is not required but it definitely helps, if none, skip:

Are there any characters on the server that you wish to retain your backstory; interaction with, if so list- if not, skip

IC Section:

Full Name: Olivia Francesca Hart. Alias; Sophia Castle
Age: 23
Nationality: American
Height: 5'11
Gender: Female
Distinguishing Features:

Athletic Physique
Due to her training as a member of the City 12 Resistance, Oliva has a rather toned and athletic Physique that allows her to move nimbly and swiftly.

Distinguishing Abilities: ¬

Natural Born Leader:
Olivia is a natural born leader, it feels very natural for her to be in the lead of something, whether it is a small group of citizens, or anti-citizens, never-the-less she is able to get what needs to done, with no room for fuck-ups, and despite the current times, she will be very happy to lead, feeling very confident about it.

Weapons and Arms:
During her time in City 12; Olivia learned a lot from the people that trained her, this included the usage and disassembly of small-arms, which includes pistols and SMGs. With this knowledge, she is able to pick up a gun and use it confidently.

Character Backstory (Who are they? How did they get here? Who did they interact with and why? What happened to them between then and now?):

Born on 14th of February, 1993, Olivia grew up in the rather small town of {REDACTED}, in the state of {REDACTED}, Within the United States of America. Growing up, Olivia was rather shy, timid. Her personality was rather linear as a child as she was always quiet. As a rather typical child, she was never really outstanding in her academics, achieving rather average grades for most subjects. As she grew older, Olivia built a love for computers, quite literally in fact, as by the age of 14, she built her very own computer. Although it wasn't anything special, it soon built the foundation for what Olivia, in fact, wanted to do in the future, as a possible career choice.

Just before finishing high-school, Olivia had a choice, choosing either to go to college to study Computing, or she could become an apprentice Computer Hardware Engineer. The obvious stuck out for Olivia as she had opted to become an apprentice for a local computer repair shop.

Following just towards the seven-hour war, Olivia took shelter in the comfort of her own home. Simply just... sitting there. Waiting for it to be all over. Not necessarily giving in, but she wasn't exactly suicidal or had a death-wish of the sorts.

Several hours had passed... A loud vocoded, feminine voice soon emitted outwards on the streets, passing through all the ears of the alive citizens; "Attention. All Citizens are to proceed to the train station for City Reassignment." Releasing a heavy sigh, Olivia moved upwards to obtain her suitcase and began to pack simple luggage. Spare clothes, tinned food, and some other small necessities. She wandered from her house, beginning to walk towards the train station, looking around as she saw familiar faces with dread and disdain. Getting on the first train, Olivia had no idea where she would end up.. but within a few minutes... or hours... or days. She would arrive at City 8.. Located in Tokyo, Japan...

The first few weeks could only be described as terrible. Olivia felt fatigue like never before, having been worked rather hard in the work shifts that ensued in the following weeks. Soon enough, it was only natural that people would begin to get sick of their conditions, and would rise up against the combine. Resistance cells began to form as they began to attack CP Patrols, steal their gear and begin to eventually cause civil unrest. To the point where OTA was deployed instead of CP Units. It was soon apparent that the resistance in City 8 had grown far further than a simple band of terrorists, and it was soon enough decided that anyone marked as a citizen were to be relocated to another City to prevent contamination of the remaining populous.

A new chapter began in City 12; Belgrade in Serbia. This is where things began to pick up in pace. With people seeming to understand how the certain operations of the combine forces worked in certain parts of the City, the ever growing resistance cells began to grow smarter, wearier and more conscious about the combine. Wandering the streets of City 12, District A:7, Olivia was approached by a rather peculiar looking man, clad in a white open collar shirt, a black overcoat, and black trousers, he had bleach white hair and dull gray eyes. The man approached Olivia from a dark crevice, only beckoning her over as he stood about 8 feet away from her.

Being beckoned over, Olivia indeed walked towards him, soon following him past the crevice and into a desolate sewer system. Following the man of very little words, she soon found herself standing before a small group of 5 people, including the man that brought her here... The man spoke out to Olivia, his words seeming very calm and collected; "Olivia. For the past week, I've been tasked with surveying the streets for potential allies, members if you will. From what I've seen. You seem to show utter disdain towards the combine but refuse to act on it. Today, I and the rest of our little group will give you the chance to let out that disdain, that anger you've felt for so long." The man spoke with pure confidence, a light smile brushed up on his pale lips. Olivia simply stood there in awe, looking towards the group of rather well-organized people, dressed in professional uniforms, Militarized weaponry, and to an extent, a form of armor in a carrier rig, presumably a plate of some kind. Without much hesitation, Olivia gratefully accepted... Soon becoming a member of a small cell and would begin to feel almost at home, with such a loving, yet organized group of people.

The resistance cell that Olivia had joined felt like family to her.. Being in a small, secret and secluded part of the sewer system, far away from any combine surveillance, it's like they could almost live there without fear of interference. Although.. Olivia would have to prove herself worthy of joining... There was a rather large gap between joining and the mission she soon had to embark on. That gap was to be able to provide her with the necessary gear and training to be able to complete said mission. If she was to fail, no doubt would she be killed, but if she were to succeed, even if her own identity were compromised, she would still be able to live under a false alias.

The time had come, Olivia was trained, well fed, and was far different than before, her malnourishment was almost non-existent, to begin with, as she had a rather low metabolism, but with the proper training and 'diet' her physique swiftly became far more apparent as she trained for little over 4 - 5 weeks.. The reason the training had taken so long was to stay low before a final blow was attempted on the combine, this was to provide breathing time for each resistance cell and the combine, to prepare for a final mission in an attempt to take over the sector.. maybe even the city, and rid it of the combine.

Olivia's mission was rather simple but still required preparation. Olivia was to find a citizen by the name of Sophia Castle. She was to knock her unconscious, steal her Citizen Identification Card, and bring her unconscious body to a secret location for interrogation. Although it was rather simple-sounding at first, Olivia would soon learn just how difficult it would be.

Several hours had passed since she was briefed on the task, she had prepared her gear, including her uniform and weaponry, A Heckler and Koch MP5SD, and a Sig Sauer P228. She wore a light gray and pale green uniform, brandishing the logo of the resistance cell; a Silver embossed circle which formed the number 12 in a slick design. Atop her uniform she would wear a metallically painted carrier rig, holding a steel plate. Her hair was tied back and held in a black beanie, and she wore a simple black surplus gas mask, reminiscent of the gas masks used in the military.

Olivia had set out, making her way to the high ground, before after several hours, she had soon identified her target. Lowering herself down from the high ground, she slipped past the many cameras in a stealthy manner, slipping past their field of view... She radioed in to her comrades, requesting a form of distraction to distract the citizens. A loud bang was heard and felt as it blasted through the floor, making the ground shake. Looking past, Olivia stealthily approached the woman from behind, gripping her jumpsuit by the collar and placing her gloved hand around her mouth, pulling her back as she muffled her presumed screams.

Pulling her back, Olivia had to draw her weapon, slamming the stock of it against her head to knock her out. Releasing a subtle sigh, she brought her radio to her mouth, speaking into it; "Cease the distraction, I have the package."  She spoke quietly into the radio as she retraced her own tracks, but not before she swiped the CID Card from the girl, before heading back to the sewers where she would meet up with the rest. The girl was taken in and questioned. Although.. there was no useful information.. Rather than taking her back though.. it was decided that she would be killed to cover the group's tracks, and to tie up any loose ends created.

Having proved herself, Olivia was officially a part of the local resistance cell. She felt achieved. Despite the circumstances.

A few weeks passed with nothing of interest happening. Olivia was now using a form of identification that was not her own, but the girl's that was stolen. Because the CID card had no reference picture, there was no way to confirm apart from age and date of birth. Which were listed on the card; October 27th, 1993. 22 Years of age. With this, Olivia was now able to live within the city as a normal citizen, but during the night time, she would scan around, looking for anyone that could potentially blow their cover and would move to either swiftly eliminate them, or deal with them in another manner.

A new mission was under construction, Xander and Heathe, the two leaders of the small resistance cell have been considering a mission of the likes of this for some time... Themselves and three other separate resistance cells would create a swift and coordinated mission to raid the local MPF Nexus, breaching in and compromising the production line of OTA Soldiers and their cryo-pods.

Within roughly two weeks, the mission was already set in stone, and soon, four resistance cells in total were to perform operations around the sector in order to contribute to the overall goal. Olivia, Xander, Heathe, Lauren, Jessica and Bradley were to be to the main raid team, as they had the plan set in motion, the other cells were to pose as decoys and distractions to rile the combine up to where they deploy necessary forces to the distraction locations.

The plan was set in place, the timing was to be perfect, and had to indeed be coordinated over the radio in order for the timing to be absolutely perfect.

A few hours pass after the briefing of the mission... The cell begins the gear up, and begin to swiftly move to the catwalks and dodging past the cameras. The would reach what looked to be a reachable area of the Nexus, it looked to be a form of a door, electronically locked. A simple device was constructed that would be used in order to make the door malfunction, an electromagnetic pulse, ultimately leaving the door to be lifted open... This was the perfect opportunity to enter from the high ground. The distractions were coordinated and below them, the team could see three combine patrols of 4 units, swiftly moving to the three different areas of the sector. This meant that there would not be many CP's left in the Nexus, as they would most likely be guarding the nexus hardpoint, or assisting in the patrols.

The door was swiftly opened, stepping inside, they pushed past the corners of the hallway as they began to wander around the nexus. But... that was rather short lived. It had been detected that six people had entered the Nexus and teams of OTA were sent swarming towards them.


Following this, the ground began to rumble violently as a loud siren abruptly burst out into the streets.

Olivia looked around as the white Elite Overwatch Soldiers had surrounded the front of them, brandishing white body armor and OSIPR's... Charging backward, Olivia had burst into a full sprint as she gripped the hand of Xander, pulling him along as she ran.

Running along the catwalks as the sounded of dark matter bursting through flesh reverberated throughout her ears. She stopped briefly, turning around as she stopped. She made a decision. She ran back to where she ran from, taking cover behind a barrier. She peaked over, taking aim with her MP5, And unloading multiple shots from her MP5 into the combine soldiers... She had to retreat soon enough. But upon retreating, she felt a sudden burning sensation that effortlessly skimmed past her shoulder, instantly cauterizing the bleeding, but also ripping right through her. She cried out in a loud shriek as she staggered.

Autonomous Judgement had been declared. Everyone would be killed. There was no way to survive... Or so Olivia thought. Remembering back on a small vent within the base in the sewers, she remembered being told about a small vent that leads to the outskirts of the city.

She made her way back to the base with Xander. Pulling the black gas mask from her tear-drenched face, dropping it to the ground as she gazed towards the man she held so dearly to her heart.. to someone she had truly connected with.. but was too afraid to show it. She abandoned her friends... the people that meant the world to her.. but was only able to save one. Although... she got herself injured as she realized her clouded judgment was what caused this all. She ran but turned back only to be injured...

Looking over towards Xander, she wrapped her quivering arms around his body, embracing him tightly. She felt his warm beating heart against hers. Looking upwards towards him, she spoke out in a quiet, soft voice; "What now.." she questioned, only with Xander to respond in a similar manner; "You run.. get as far away from here as possible. I'll find you when the time is right." With that, Xander lowered his arms from her, gripping his weapon before moving away. "Go." He demanded. Olivia picked her mask up, placing it upon her face as tears slid across her face.

She had no other choice but to go. She stepped up, looking towards Xander briefly before turning around, she'd speak out as she moved to the air-vent; "Stay strong Xander... And please. For the love of god, please don't die... I'll see you soon. She began to move to the vent, delivering a swift kick to the loose vent, kicking it in and placing her weapon along the surface of the vent before sliding inside the vent...

God only knows what could've happened to her close companion.. but it surely wouldn't be long until they saw each other again. She hoped.

The outskirts of City 12 were rather desolate, as expected. There really was no sign of anything living... Luckily for Olivia, she wasn't far from the outskirts of City 17, In Sofia, Bulgaria.... Traveling a rather large distance in such a short amount of time. Occasional radio chatter, but mostly incoherent chatter due to the how far she had traveled. It would not be long before that radio chatter cut out entirely. Olivia just kept on moving.

It wouldn't be too long before she had made her way to the outskirts of what appeared to be City 17, or at least the industrial sector.

Olivia had soon spotted a group of roughly three people. Looking to be all female.. Olivia approached them slowly as they drew weapons, pointed them towards Olivia. She rose her hands upwards above her head, speaking out to them in a confident, though fatigued manner; "You can lower your weapons. I won't dare to hurt you. We're on the same side." She spoke, her breath becoming heavier as she reached closer, before lowering herself on one knee. She'd speak up once more; "I'm looking to get to City 17. I just came from City 12.. I sure could use some help. Maybe if you even help me, I'll give one of you people my MP5." She said. A light smile on her lips grew as she brought her hand behind her back, drawing the weapon, and placing it at her feet.

One of the women spoke up rather abruptly; "Sure, We'll help you. And it's alright, we have our own weapons. Come with us, you look like you could use some rest." The woman beckoned Oliva over. She reached down, gripping her MP5 and standing upwards. Olivia followed the three women, before reaching a rather secluded underground bunker. In the interest of time, Olivia had been acquainted with the people within the bunker, as she for the moment, had a temporary home where she could rest.

In the interest of roughly a few months, Olivia had soon made her way, with the escort of multiple people, which she would be happy to call friends. She had arrived at City 17. Unfortunately, Olivia had to ditch her gear, only having room to be able to stuff her uniform and pistol in a backpack discreetly. She gained access to City 17 via the railcar and arrived at the train station, sadly having to ditch the pistol, but the uniform looked was kept, although it was really nothing more than customized cloth, seems to bring up no discrepancies as it had not been seen. She waltzed on into City 17, under the Alias Sophia Castle, with no-one batting an eye.

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AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application Empty Re: AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application

Post by AurA on Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:27 pm

Apologies if there are any plotholes in the backstory, writing such a long backstory takes a while and is very tedious. I think overall I spent about 4 hours writing this.

And also, keep in mind there may be some incorrect facts such as location, but I made do with what I had at hand when writing that. So please excuse it.

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AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application Empty Re: AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application

Post by DTNLive on Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:34 pm

I know this character personally and I honestly would hate to not see her on this server. Gl Aura


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AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application Empty Re: AurA's Character Transfer/Authorization Application

Post by PeakyProgram on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:55 pm


I enjoyed your application and I cannot wait to see it in character. You will be given the necessary information your character would know. Good work!

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