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Jewba's CP app

Post by Jewba on Tue May 30, 2017 2:23 pm

OOC Section:


Steam Name: Jewba

Why do you wish to become a Civil Protection Unit?: To even out the ratio of citizens and CP, and roleplay, of course.

Give a detailed role playing example with how you would type it out in the chat with /mes etc as a Civil Protection Unit: UNIT-##### stood outside of the gate, looking for anyone that might be causing trouble for the city. UNIT-##### began to patrol around the plaza, still looking for anyone causing any misdemeanors.
Explain why it is important that you behave correctly in this role?:It is important because I am in a position that has access to weapons, of which I could RDM with, or minge with, and I have voice commands that should not be spammed.

What are your past experiences with Civil Protection characters, give a detailed summary: None, except for the occasional run-in with a CP when you shouldn't be in a specific place, such as the sewers, or anywhere restricted to citizens, or the occasional warning about not running about the place.

IC Section: Will be used in RP to become an Civil Protection Unit.

Name:Delilah Boncock
Date of Birth: April 4th, 1996
Previous location, before war: Charleston, South Carolina
Languages spoken:English
Physical Description:She has brown hair, hazel eyes, a black undershirt, and is 5'9, but her black boots over-exaggerate her size by 3 inches, and dirty clothing. Her eyes look spaced out, but serious and studious at the same time. Green shirt, along with a necklace beneath her shirt.
Traits:Fairly quick.
Relocated from:City 18
Loyalty Points:12

Short Questions
Why have you chosen to look for a position within the Civil Protection?: I feel as if it will feed me better and have better benefits for me overall.

Did you have a previous job pre-war? Yes. I was a cashier.

Have you had children before the war? No.

Do you require medication? No.

Have you broke laws before the War? No.

What talents do you possess? I'm fairly quick on my feet, I guess.


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Re: Jewba's CP app

Post by NoahtheBoah36 on Wed May 31, 2017 9:08 am

Denied on the grounds of being banned.
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