Refugee Cell Catalog

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Refugee Cell Catalog

Post by Not_a_tree on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:03 am

Post any contributions to the general supplies of the cell's camp/outpost(when this is constructed). Post your character current physical condition and how they ended up this way(if applicable). Post your character's belongings that only exist in a role-playing fashion(and how they obtained them), post your character's actual belongings as well if you feel like it. Each additional post will have this one edited. This is keep track of what a player legitimately has so we don't have to deal with ass-pulling. This is out of character information, players only know what other players have if they can plainly see it or if they are told about it, if someone here aquired an item by stealing do not call them out on it while in character.
Green text indicates an actual item in the character's inventory, yellow text indicates items that the character carrying but only in a role-playing environment where the role-played the act of taking it even if the actual item was simply a prop. For instance a player could own an axe, but this doesn't necessarily mean they have the Half-Life 2 Melee pack rendition of this axe.

General Supply: [Cell moved to the valley and have set to set up shop so to speak]

Eliza Felor:
-HK45C: Given from supply boat.
-Hooded coat: Issued in City 18 due to consistent rain.
-Backpack: Bought from Combine Item Machine in City 18.
-Makeshift Armor: Given from Firestarter.

Nick Ruiz: Healthy, minor lacerations from Headcrab attacks.
-WWII P08 Luger: Collected from a boat supply drop.
-9mm Box 30 Rounds: Collected from looting the bridge.
-9x19mm Parabellum Box 20 Rounds: Collected from a boat supply drop.
-Anti-Depressants: Holding on to them for Firestarter.
-Paracetamol: Collected from looting the bridge.
-Two suitcases: Spawned with one, took another that was left behind by another character.
-Leather straps and carabiner clips: Collected from the workshop before leaving the coast, used to form Nick's pseudo-duffel bag.
-A Medkit: Taken from a house before leaving the coast, carried in a suitcase.
-An Axe: Taken from a wood chopping block before leaving the coast, carried in a suitcase.
-Assortment of food and drinks: Taken from a house's kitchen and living room before leaving the coast, carried in a suitcase.
-Assortment of handgun and submachine gun magazines: Taken from a house's attack before leaving the coast, carried in a suitcase.
-Large coffee can of low caliber rounds: Taken from a house's attic before leaving the coast, sealed with a plastic lid, carried by hand.

Ulrik 'Hazard' Ralon: Physically healthy, though hard(er) to breath without gas-mask.
-H&K MP7: Collected from boat supply.
-3x H&K MP7 box of 45 Rounds: 2x found when searching bridge, 1x given on boat supply.
-Combine Standard Issue 9mm Pistol: Found when searching bridge.
-Anti-Depressents: Found when searching bridge.
-Axe: Found when searching bridge.
-Pickaxe: Given from a citizen, name forgotten. (Forgotten IC)
-Cracked Glasses: Bought from CWU worker in City 17, cracked over the years.
-Tattered Backpack: Found on the floor in City 45.
-Medkit: Issued by Resistance members, refilled by Nathan Dudley.
-Makeshift knife: Made by Hazard when he lost his weapons on the way to the Coast.
-Gas Mask: Supplied by boat.

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